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A better way to manage your mobile fleet

Managing a mobile fleet can be complex and time-consuming - sourcing devices, selecting apps, managing networks, reconciling costs, upgrading hardware, keeping your Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform up to date, replacing lost phones and dealing with carriers. But we've got a better way for business with our Managed Mobility solution.

Managed Mobility is a comprehensive program that keeps your people connected and your IT focused on business outcomes by offloading the responsibility of mobile fleet management onto us. You're saved the stress and time of creating business efficiencies around mobility, as well as making product decisions based on knowledge you may not have. Instead, your focus stays where it needs to be - on your business.

To ensure you get more, we provide a free mobility assessment process that delivers:

  • An in-depth health check that provides a baseline for your current mobility status
  • A similarly in-depth spend check to determine your current ROI
  • A pathway to potentially changing the way you use your information and communications technology
  • A deeper understanding of the mobile and end-user computing experience for more informed decision-making
  • Confidence in knowing where you are and how you can make changes

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