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Sustainability meets savings with our Technology Buyback Program

JB Hi-Fi Business has partnered with Moorup to provide a simple and secure way to recover value from your business’ redundant and end of life technology assets.

Best of all, by ethically trading in your technology and giving it a second life, your business will be contributing to a cleaner planet and more sustainable future.

Support your Corporate and Social Responsibility goals

E-Waste is growing faster than any other type of waste. The Buyback Program can potentially reduce your environmental impact by creating a circular economy – a system where resources are re-used and re-cycled.

Reduce your total cost of ownership with JB Hi-Fi Business credit

With today’s market pressures, maximising business investments and minimising your total cost of ownership is key. By extracting residual value from your old or unused assets, you can receive credit on your JB Hi-Fi Business account to offset the cost of your technology upgrades.

De-risk your critical information

Data security is paramount for corporates and educational institutions. Our Buyback partner uses Blancco Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure software, compliant with ISO 27001. All erasures on your obsolete and end of life assets are verified and certified through a tamper-proof audit trail.

No additional or hidden costs

The price quoted for this service includes device collection, certified secure data erasure and e-Waste recycling, with no additional or hidden costs.

Did you know

50 million tonnes of e-waste are produced each year, and left unchecked this could more than double to 120 million tonnes by 20501.

The Buyback program supports a circular economy which extends the life of electronic devices, through repair, refurbishment, reuse and recycling. Bringing these principles to your business significantly reduces the contribution of your devices to e-waste and has significant sustainability and business benefits.

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How does it work?

We follow a simple and easy six-step process, and you can choose not to proceed at any time prior to accepting the final Buyback offer.

Step 1: Request

Contact your JB Hi-Fi Business Account Manager to request a Buyback quote. Complete and return the Buyback agreement, asset valuation template and include the relevant device, make, model and quantity.

Step 2: Quote

After undertaking a desktop valuation audit, Moorup will provide an indicative preliminary quote which includes collection of the assets, data erasure with certificate and recycling. The final offer is subject to an assessment by Moorup after collecting, inspecting, and grading the relevant devices.

Step 3: Confirm and prepare

If you wish to proceed, devices must be prepared for collection:

  • With all activation locks and passwords removed and the device unenrolled from Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Complete a factory reset, remove SD and SIM cards, and
  • Package devices for protection against damage and security

Step 4: Collection and assessment

Moorup arranges collection. Devices are assessed and those with value undergo secure data erasure. You will receive a customer assessment report and final Buyback offer. Those with no value are prepared for recycling.

Step 5: Payment

Should you accept the final offer, ownership of the assets will be transitioned to Moorup. Payment is then released to your JB Hi-Fi Business account as a credit or made as a cash payment where requested.

Step 6: Finalise

Upon completion, you will be provided with a Certificate of Data Erasure for those devices with value. For any devices that cannot be re-purposed and are securely recycled, you will receive a Recycling Summary Certificate after the recycling process has been completed.

Moorup is committed to closing the digital divide in Australia and donates 5% of devices purchased to those experiencing digital exclusion.

We’re committed to a sustainable future

JB Hi-Fi recognises the environmental impact from strong consumer demand for new technology, tech related services and the need for continuous upgrades to electronics and commercial appliances, and the corporate and social responsibility held by JB Hi-Fi within this space to reduce these environmental impacts.

We are committed to minimising the effect our commercial operations may have on the natural environment and we seek to proactively reduce our waste, energy consumption and emissions across our sales and logistics network.

About Moorup

Moorup (meaning: “Life” in the Woi Wurrung language of Australia’s First Nations people).

Established in 2018, Moorup is a certified Australian BCorp technology company focused on supporting a circular economy vision by extending the life of electronic devices. Moorup provides an end-to-end solution to buy-back, refurbish, donate, and recycle smartphones, tablets, and ICT equipment. Moorup is committed to closing the digital divide in Australia and donates 5% of devices purchased to those experiencing digital exclusion.

About MobileMuster

Mobile phones and tablets that are Beyond Economic Repair are responsibly and securely recycled at no cost with our partner, MobileMuster. Through their recycling process over 95% of the materials are recovered and recycled to the R2 Responsible Recycling Standard. Customers receive a Recycling Summary Certificate after each buyback.

Want to learn more?

To find out how the JB Hi-Fi Business Technology Buyback program can help your business reach its goals, call 1300 746 752 or fill out the form to get in touch with one of our Account Managers today.

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