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Ballarat Grammar

Ballarat Grammar

Priority Service makes light work of support for Ballarat Grammar

As schools change and grow, so too do their IT system needs. Following the success of their device program, Ballarat Grammar experienced an increase in support requests, impacting their response time in diagnosing, logging, tracking and managing repairs. They already had and were happy with their existing procurement relationship with JB Hi-Fi Educations, but they required more technical support – and this is where Priority Service comes in.

More students, more tech, more needs

As one of regional Australia’s leading co-educational schools, Ballarat Grammar has more than 1,800 students – from Kindergarten to Year 12 – including 250 boarders, and around 450 staff. The extensive laptop program offered by the school for Year 7 through to Year 12 demanded a robust management of support and repairs.

As a result, the school had to purchase additional laptops to cover for repairs and IT staff had less time available to respond to everyday issues that impacted on teaching and learning. Not to mention the extra work it created for the IT team in managing and tracking swapped out laptops and diagnosing and logging repairs. The flow on effect was less time to manage and respond to everyday issues.

Priority Service saves time and increases productivity

As an existing JB Hi-Fi Educations customer, Ballarat Grammar embraced the offer for Priority Service as this gave the school access to:

  • Customer service across HP, Lenovo, Microsoft and Apple devices
  • A dedicated JB Hi-Fi Educations technician to attend the campus
  • Quick device repair and return
  • Additional spare parts on-site to facilitate a quick repair turnaround time for students
  • Spare devices to be used as hot swap units for damaged student or staff devices

Greater service, more support, less disruption

According to Nathan Hargreaves, the school’s Director of Digital Innovation and Technology, Priority Service has allowed them to greatly improve their response to support and repair requests from students and ensure continuity of learning with little to no disruption.

Halving repair time to support student learning

With a regular JB Hi-Fi Educations technician on their side, the Ballarat Grammar IT team are freed up to focus on supporting student learning. As the JB Hi-Fi Educations technician is available and on-site as needed, this equates to faster repairs and less downtime. Devices can now be repaired on-site and returned to the pool of hot swap devices, minimising downtime for students and staff. Repairs are done correctly the first time, reducing rework, improving turnaround time and building confidence in the program. In fact, the turnaround time for repairs has halved.

“With Priority Service we get the same technician every time and he has been brilliant. He understands our school and has built a very positive relationship with staff. He is accessible and works on-site two to three days a week, diagnosing and repairing devices on the spot.”

A better experience for everyone, overall

As a JB Hi-Fi Educations Priority Service customer, Ballarat Grammar has significantly improved its laptop program. Students and educators have a better experience in the classroom and at home, and the IT team can focus on supporting the school to deliver better learning outcomes.

“I would certainly recommend JB Hi-Fi Educations’ Priority Service to other schools. Having the same support person available on-site has been excellent. We now have confidence that we will get the support we need, when we need it. The whole process is simple and easy to manage.”

Nathan Hargreaves, Director of Digital
Innovation and Technology, Ballarat Grammar


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