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Eltham High School

Eltham High School

Connecting, collaborating, creating



The JB Hi-Fi Education BYOD program at Eltham High School is equipping students and educators with excellent devices for teaching and learning while making the process - from purchasing to repairing - straightforward and seamless for everyone. Eltham High School chose a BYOD device program to provide a platform that allows students to connect, collaborate and create both within and out of the classroom. With the JB Hi-Fi Education BYOD program, they get reliable technology that supports their learning program and a responsive relationship that gives educators, students and parents confidence in the program and peace of mind.


The Solution - JB Hi-Fi Educations’ BYOD

Eltham High School’s vision is “… to develop creative students who are active seekers, users and creators of their own knowledge…”. Eltham High School has been running the BYOD program through JB Hi-Fi Education since 2015. By integrating technology into teaching every day, the school is supporting independent learning and resourcefulness.
The BYOD program has also enabled Eltham High School’s educators and students to make a seamless transition to remote teaching and learning.
“Having an established BYOD program and a great relationship with JB Hi-Fi Solutions has meant that the transition to remote learning has been straightforward - I feel that we were ready for it.” Natalie Heath, eLearning / ICT Leader


A better experience with Surface and BYOD

The JB Hi-Fi Educations BYOD program and Surface devices drive learning and ensure a better experience for students, educators and staff and for parents.

Surface features suit the school’s interactive model of learning. The touchscreen technology, hybrid tablet/PC and front and rear facing camera are popular with students and educators and support engaging and collaborative learning.


About Eltham High School

Eltham High School is a co-educational secondary school in Melbourne’s north. The school was established in 1926 as Eltham Higher Elementary School and became known as Eltham High School in 1950. Today, Eltham High School has more than 1250 students and 115 staff. The school believes in developing the next generation of ethical, moral, happy and respectful citizens who have the skills to be resilient and be optimistic about the future. They are achieving this by providing opportunities to students that challenge them to be continuous learners; developing strong, positive relationships with students and their families; and developing teachers to be the best they can be.


The BYOD benefits include:

  • One preferred device used almost exclusively across the school - educators and teaching aides can model and encourage device use.
  • Trusted brand - partnering with recognised and trusted brands in JB Hi-Fi has given the school and parents confidence in the program
  • Ready to go devices - school information and required software are uploaded before the devices are delivered to the school, saving time and ensuring everyone has access to the set up they need from day one.
  • Quick repair and replacement of devices - so students always have a working device.
  • Dedicated portal - so parents can easily purchase devices and be confident that their child has the right device.
  • Support on hand - the school has a strong relationship with JB Hi-Fi Soulutions and accessing assistance is easy.
  • Expert advice on education products - so the range can be streamlined for parents and educators.

“With Priority Service we get the same technician every time and he has been brilliant. He understands our school and has built a very positive relationship with staff. He is accessible and works on-site two to three days a week, diagnosing and repairing devices on the spot.”

Natalie Heath, eLearning / ICT Leader

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